Ulcer Treatment


Ulcers on or under your skin pose a serious health problem.

Venous leg ulcers usually form below your knee and result from malfunctioning vein valves. Often a chronic condition, venous ulcers can degrade your quality of life. Fortunately, vein specialist Dr. Dmitry Gorelik has a vast array of non-invasive ulcer treatment techniques at his disposal. If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from a venous ulcer, call the experts at the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey to schedule an appointment today. Ulcers are sores that can form inside your body or on the skin surface. Venous stasis ulcers occur below the knee and often become a debilitating condition. If you’re suffering from a leg ulcer, you’re not alone: roughly three million Americans have one as well. If you’re in northern New Jersey, visit the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey for effective ulcer and vein treatments.

Venous ulcers comprise 80 percent of all lower leg ulcers. And they most often result from malfunctioning vein valves. Vein valves keep your blood flowing toward your heart and lungs. In your lower legs, those veins have to work harder to fight gravity, so they’re more likely to wear out. When these valves are damaged, your blood doesn’t flow properly and begins to pool.

Who Suffers from Venous Stasis Ulcers?

Pooling blood puts extra pressure on the vein walls in your legs. This pressure increases until blood leaks into the surrounding tissue, and that’s what often creates an ulcer. Venous ulcers develop beneath the skin, but can eventually reach the surface, where they form open sores. You may be more susceptible to developing venous ulcers if you:

  Are older than 55 years old

  Carry extra weight and are considered overweight or obese

  Have a family history of vein conditions

  Suffered from a deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism

  Are physically inactive

  Had multiple pregnancies

  Had an injury or disease of the lower extremities

Modern ulcer treatment is safer and more effective than ever. Expert vein specialists like Dr. Dmitry Gorelik can provide you with the newest techniques available, including the new Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) technique. If you’re suffering from a venous ulcer, visit the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey for a vein consultation with Dr. Gorelik.


Symptoms of Venous Ulcers

Venous stasis ulcers can fester for weeks, months or even years. Without treatment, your ulcer can deteriorate, causing additional medical problems. If you have a chronic ulcer, seek professional medical attention in New Jersey. Some of the symptoms of chronic venous ulcers include:

  Shallow wounds with irregular edges

  Moist, oozing appearance of the sore

  Cold, pale skin surrounding the wound

  Hair loss in the surrounding tissue

  Swollen tissue immediately adjacent to the wound

Ulcer Treatment Option

Dr. Dmitry Gorelik, your NJ vein specialist, has several ulcer treatments that address your condition. After performing a complete physical exam and reviewing your health history, your doctor devises a comprehensive ulcer treatment plan, starting with the least invasive procedures, such as keeping your leg raised above your heart whenever possible. If these prove ineffective, Dr. Gorelik recommends stronger outpatient treatments, including:

  Medications. Painkillers and antibiotics to attack infections, in the proper dosage under a doctor’s supervision, treat your wounds and lesions.

  Debridement. Removing compromised tissue decreases the chance of spreading an infection or bacteria to other parts of your body.

  Compression therapy. Compression increases blood flow, decreases swelling and prevents ulcers from returning. Elastic compression stockings apply pressure when you’re flexing your legs and when you’re at rest.

  Vacuum closure. Using a specialized dressing, Dr. Gorelik lowers the pressure on a wound. It then closes the edges of your ulcer while removing excess moisture and bacteria.

  Skin grafting. Your NJ vein doctor takes healthy skin from one area of your body and covers the ulcer wound with it for faster healing.

  Surgical options. Reserved for the most severe cases, Dr. Gorelik may suggest surgery to remove blood clots or repair weakened valves to help your body heal from the ulcer.


Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) Treatments

Blood’s platelets are one of your body’s most potent natural defenses. They aggressively swarm the site of an injury and heal it. But damaged veins make it more difficult for the platelets to reach your ulcer, so doctors had to find a way to concentrate platelets on the site of an ulcer.

One of the latest advances in ulcer treatment involves a process of using your body’s plasma to enhance the healing process. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment has been successful for years. It uses your platelet’s natural abilities to rejuvenate your health and appearance.

A new technique called Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) has improved on the PRP technology. Your NJ vein specialist extracts the platelet rich plasma from your blood and removes the unnecessary red and white blood cells. This new matrix has a platelet concentration twice as high as whole blood. When the PRFM is applied directly to the ulcer, your recovery is faster and more complete. The entire Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix treatment takes less than 30 minutes, and one session may be enough.

Safe, Effective Venous Stasis Ulcer Treatment

Ulcer treatment requires your attention and adherence to your doctor’s instructions. You can help yourself by improving your overall health. That may prevent ulcers from spreading and compromising healthy tissue. Sometimes, however, venous ulcers don’t respond well to treatment. And even when they do improve, they return. To successfully cure your ulcer, you need the best possible medical care available.

A trained vein specialist finds the safest and most effective forms of treatment, including PRFM if necessary. The vein expert at the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey delivers the best ulcer treatment for your specific condition. With three convenient locations in northern NJ — Parsippany, Old Bridge and Sayerville — Dr. Dmitry Gorelik is ready to help. Contact the staff today to set up your appointment.

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