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When you book your initial consultation at the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey, you can expect to be treated like family.

A top vein specialist in northern New Jersey, Dr. Dmitry Gorelik, takes into consideration your specific needs, schedule, goals and budget before you undergo any tests or treatments. The state-of-the-art facilities at the three vein center locations facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of your vein issues, including all cosmetic and medical concerns. Your health and appearance play key roles in your treatment plan, which is designed specifically for you by a triple board certified expert in vein treatment. Call today to ensure your continued health and well-being.

Your first appointment

at the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey consists of a consultation with Dr. Dmitry Gorelik, your local vein specialist in northern New Jersey. You receive compassionate attention and care during your visit, which you may have initiated for a number of reasons, such as:

  You may have concerns about the appearance of your veins.

  You’re experiencing painful side effects from a vein condition.

  You may have been referred to Dr. Gorelik from your family doctor.

  You’re worried about the risks of developing more serious venous complications.

No matter which reason drove you to make an appointment at the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey, you’ve made the right choice. With state-of-the-art equipment, a triple board certified specialist and a staff that looks out for your needs, the practice can take care of every vein condition. You’re in good hands.

Before Your Consultation

Staff at the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey takes your insurance information when you call for your appointment to confirm your coverage so you don’t get any surprises when you talk to the doctor about your treatment plan. So that Dr. Gorelik can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate vein treatment for your unique circumstances, it’s important that you come to your consultation prepared. Bring information to help your doctor reach the correct diagnosis, such as:

  Your family history with vein issues

  A timeline of when you first noticed visible veins

  The level of pain or discomfort (physical and emotional) you feel

  A list of medications you’re taking

  Whether you’ve been treated for vein disorders in the past and what kind of treatments you’ve undergone

  What other medical conditions you suffer from, currently or in the past

  A clear vision of your goals

Because you may need to undergo some tests before receiving a firm diagnosis and treatment plan, prepare for your consultation by ensuring the skin surrounding your vein problem is clean and free of lotions and fragrances. Wear loose clothing and remove your jewelry before your visit.

During the Consultation

During your initial vein consultation, Dr. Gorelik listens attentively as you explain your:


  Fears and concerns

  Cosmetic goals

  Budget restrictions

Then, he examines your veins for a visible affirmation of your problem. Very often, he confirms your suspicions and validates your concerns simply by looking at the problem areas. An experienced vein doctor easily recognizes signs of:

  Varicose veins

  Spider veins

  Disconcerting facial veins

  Damaged arm veins

  Painful protruding hand or foot veins


Tests and Treatments

You may undergo imaging tests. A Doppler ultrasound provides a look into how well blood flows through your veins, and a venography test checks for blood clots. These tests verify the visual diagnosis and highlight signs of underlying conditions such as venous insufficiency. Thorough and modern testing also helps your doctor determine the cause for your vein problems.

Once he views the results of the venous tests, your NJ vein specialist evaluates your condition and shares his findings. You may receive treatment recommendations at your first visit that may include:

  Advice for lifestyle changes

  Home-care suggestions

  A prescription for special compression stockings

  Endovenous laser ablation

  Radiofrequency ablation

  Sclerotherapy for varicose veins and spider veins

  Laser therapy for spider veins

  Ulcer treatment

  Ambulatory phlebotomy

No Surprises

Before beginning any treatment, Dr. Dmitry Gorelik, your northern NJ vein specialist, goes over his recommendations to ensure that you understand the processes he recommends. You’ll have all the facts, from how long the procedure might take and what it entails to how long you may need to fully recover and what restrictions you need to follow after the treatment.

You’ll know how much your insurance covers for any suggested procedure your doctor suggests, as well as how much of the costs are your responsibility. If necessary, a flexible payment plan can be arranged. It’s important to the entire staff at Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey that you leave this first consultation comfortable with your proposed treatment plan. They want you to be excited about finding relief for painful venous problems and realizing you found the path to more youthful-looking skin.

Contact the Varicose Vein Center of New Jersey. Get treatment for bothersome veins and restore your health and appearance. When you arrive, you can relax, knowing you’ve found an expert in vein treatment in Dr. Gorelik. Visit one of three convenient locations in northern New Jersey: in Parsippany, Old Bridge or Sayreville.

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